Who We Are

We are a de-converted Catholic couple who have decided to take our daily discussions, rants, mockery, and sarcasm about religion and other unfounded beliefs to the world of podcasting.  Religion has long dominated the world of ideas by demonizing those who openly question its dogmas.  Conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and paranormal beliefs sweep through our culture unchecked. The best way to combat these ideas is through doubt, open inquiry, and the scientific method.  Imagination and creativity are what makes humans amazing, but claiming truth without evidence can have dangerous consequences.

We are both strict vegetarians and fitness enthusiasts, but we are not pretentious about it.  It just works for us.  We also have a Starbucks addiction and a love for spiced rum.  We are advocates equality and inclusion, and despise the injustices of a society fueled by unsupported beliefs.  We are passionate fans of hockey, the band phish, and sarcastic humor.

Teresa (aka "Ms. Doubt")

Born and raised Catholic in western Pennsylvania.  Teresa has a bachelors in sociology and works with children.  She's a loving wife and mother who is not defined by those roles, but empowered by her feminist ideals.  Teresa hates the objectification of women and defining of femininity by body type.  

Teresa loves cooking, lattes, and cats.  She is a geek at heart, in love with Doctor Who and Sherlock, chemistry cat memes, and the Simpsons.  Teresa loves running, weight lifting, and yoga.  She competes in 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon races and rides her bike to work.  Teresa also loves punching and poking at Chris for her own amusement. 

Chris (aka "Mr. Doubt")

Born in Dayton and raised in Denver and Pittsburgh, went to Catholic school, and converted to Buddhism before becoming a skeptic and atheist.  Chris has a bachelors in architecture, use to design churches, but now designs science, medical and industrial buildings.  He is father and husband who despises the boys club attitude of his own demographic and gender specific roles.  He is a staunch supporter of women's equality and human rights.  

Chris loves cycling, weight lifting, and competes in triathlon.  He likes fixing appliance and furniture, watching documentaries, and drinking craft beer.  Chris is passionate music fan and former drummer who listens to almost every genre.  He also constantly flirts with Teresa. 

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